Senior Management Team

15482332 Mrs A Day

Executive Principal

  • Brookfield Primary
  • Cheam Park Farm
22 Ms P Wright


  • Safeguarding Lead
  • Data Leader
  • CPD Leader
  • KS1 Leader
15484631 Mrs R Mander

Vice Principal

  • Deputy Safeguarding Lead
  • Upper KS2 Leader
  • Year 5 Teacher - Onyx Class
135 Miss S Pearson

Inclusion Manager / SENDCo

  • Deputy Safeguarding Lead
  • Disadvantage Pupil Leader
  • EAL Leader
  • Lower KS2 Leader
  • Year 4 Teacher - Amethyst Class
  Mrs N Dolling Director of Maths
  Mr C Perrott

Director of English

  Mr G Macaulay Director of Technology for Learning and Computing
  Mrs J Greene Director of Music
  Mrs E Dallimore

Associate Principal Inclusion and Safeguarding 

Director of Early Years 

  Mrs A Carlile Director of Training & Professional Development
  Mr M Warner Sports Development Officer